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“Unravel” | Short Story | Published in print in Sun and Sandstone (2016, print)

“Bitch” | Short Story | Published in Monkeybicycle (2016)

“Classism in Literature:  Poor Boy Syndrome” | Article | Published in ClassismExposed (2017)

“Moon” | Flash Fiction | Published in Flash Fiction Magazine (2017) 

“Tic” | Poem | Published in Rogue Agent (2018)

“You-Know-Where” | Flash Fiction | Published in Literary Orphans (2019)

“Bathtub” | Flash Fiction | Published in Cease, Cows (2019) *Nominated for Best Small Fictions Anthology 2020

“Mosquito” | Micro Fiction | Published in Brilliant Flash Fiction (2019) *Nominated for Best Microfiction Anthology 2020

“Jellyfish Soul” | Short Story | Published in The Airgonaut (Sept 2019) | Slated for reprint in fresh.ink (2020)

“Whisperer” | Short Story | Published in The Umbrella Factory (Dec 2019)

“Cannot Touch” | Flash Fiction | Published in Queen Mob’s Teahouse (Jan 2020) | Slated for reprint in City. River. Tree. 2020)

 “More (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Sea Foam Mag (2020)

 “Her Lips” | Poem | Published in Isacoustic (2020)

 “Your Arm” | Poem | Published in Isacoustic (2020)

“The Wooden Bench” | Poem | Published in Beatnik Cowboy (2020)

“22 & wanting (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Eastern Iowa Review (2020)

“My Best Friend’s Father (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Eastern Iowa Review (2020)

“Too Little, Too Much” | Poem | Published in Ghost City Press (2020)

“You Wanna (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Terse. (2020)

“Will You Please Excuse Me?” | Flash Fiction | Published in Moonpark Review (2020) 

 “That Which Is In Between” | Poem | Published in Feminist Space Camp (2020)

“A Woman Un Dressed” | Poem | Published in Feminist Space Camp (2020)

“Questions for Plath” | Poem | Published in Feminist Space Camp (2020)

“An Accident” | Short Story | Published in Selcouth Station (2020)

“Fish” | Short Story | Published in jmww (2020)

“Ten Ways to Remind People Your Boyfriend is Six Feet Tall During a Pandemic” | Humor | Published in McSweeney’s (2020)

“He Is Not My Boy (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Rat’s Ass Review (2020)

“I Assume” | Poem | Published in Rat’s Ass Review (2020)

“my sweet sweet boy (a haibun)” | Poem | Published in Club Plum (2020)

“Freckle (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Okay Donkey (2020)

“A Poet You Might Like” | Poem | Published in Kissing Dynamite (2020)

“10 Triggering Peloton Phrases Your Mom Definitely Used in a Guilt Trip” | Humor | Published in Funny-ish.com (2020)

“You Can Date My Daughter Over My Dead (Beat Dad) Body” | Humor | Published in Little Old Lady Comedy (2020)

“7 Radically Different Things You Can Do Outside During a Pandemic” | Humor | Published in Points in Case (2020)

“The Invisible Stranger” | Poem | Published in Cacti Fur (2020)

“Everything Must Go” | Flash Fiction | Published in In Parentheses (2020)

“Melancholy” | Poem | Published in Comstock Review (2020, print)

“firefly” | Poem | Slated for dreams walking (2020)

“La Havas” | Poem | Slated for Perhappened Magazine (2020)

“The Dreams (A Haibun)” | Poem | Published in Neologism Magazine (2020)



Julia Gerhardt is a writer from Los Angeles, now living in Baltimore. She has been nominated for The Best Microfiction Anthology 2020 and Best Small Fictions 2020.

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Julia Gerhardt received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing at Goucher College. Throughout her writing career she has worked as a Writing Tutor, Teaching Assistant, and was a Fiction Reader for Little Patuxent Review. But at the end of the day, she’s a writer, and understands how tough it is to trust in your work. If you need friendly thoughts and constructive feedback, she would be happy to help provide them on your creative and academic writing. She also offers private lessons for kids, teens (7-18), and adults in creative writing including poetry, fiction, and satire. Get in touch with her below.


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